Grievance Processing

If you feel you have suffered a violation of the Collective Agreement, the Union can file a grievance to pursue a remedy.  Once a grievance is filed, it is owned by the Union.  The Union is responsible for processing the grievance and the Union decides if the issue will be arbitrated.

We have to file a grievance within 30 days of the Union becoming aware that a violation has taken place.

Member to Member Mediation

These situations can and should be resolved before management gets involved.  Your Executive and Shop Stewards are available to assist you with these types of conflicts.  


These requests can be initiated from an individual member, the Union or the City.  The process is quite involved and we encourage you to contact an Executive member for further details.

Union Representation in Meetings

Each Union member has the right to Union representation when a member is called into a meeting with management.  The Union recommends that you do not have attend any meetings without Union representation, as they will be able to assist you through the process and protect your interests.

Collective Bargaining

The Bargaining Committee’s job is to renegotiate the Collective Agreement when it expires.  The Committee considers the proposals from the membership and negotiates with the City for as long as it takes to reach an agreement.  Once a tentative agreement has been reached, it is brought back to the membership ratification.