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March 25, 2020

This is the second bulletin from your CUPE 498 Executive to update you regarding the COVID pandemic and how it affects your work at the City.

We understand many of you have questions and concerns regarding your employment and what is to come.  In reality, no one knows all the answers at this time.  Information is changing constantly, new provincial and federal rules are being brought out and CUPE 498 Executive is staying current and working with the City to best support our members and ensure your rights are being protected.

At this point, we are coming to the end of the week the City promised all wages to continue to and the Executive and the City are working hard to develop the next steps.  Your Executive is consulting with our CUPE National representative and CUPE lawyers, as well as other municipalities to develop a plan for the next timeframe.

We are in unprecedented time, no one has gone through an event like this to any extent, so the next steps are unsure but you can be sure the Executive is working on the best plan to ensure the best for our members.  All members must recognize that there may come a time for reduced services, it may be inevitable.  So you must take your own steps during this time.  While the Executive works to protect the whole, there are steps you must take to protect you, the individual.

Speak with your financial institution about mortgage and loan relief.  Contact your utility companies, Fortis, Hydro, Telus, etc.  Contact your credit card companies.  All these places have relief in place, but you must take the steps to contact them and get the process started.  And the hold waits will be long, settle in and get comfortable, but as you get through each of these it will be more relief for you.

If you are currently laid off, apply for EI.

Starting April 1st there will be a Canada Emergency Support Benefit to provide financial relief to provide assistance for anyone affected by COVID – 19.

This benefit will give $2,000 per month for the next four months for anyone who has $0 income because of COVID.  This is in addition to EI benefits and payments should be arriving 10 days after you apply.

The Executive will continue to work closely with the City to ensure everyone is protected to the best possible extent during this time and as soon as we have updates we will get

them out to you.  We send bulletins out to all personal emails that were released to the Executive and the City has posted our bulletin on the City’s information page.  There you can find the bulletins the City has released to date.  If you know someone not

receiving  these    updates,  please forward that information to

That webpage is:  The password for this page is:  p0c0works2020


We know there are seems to be more questions than answers at this time and the news itself is confusing and hard to decipher. It’s a difficult time for everyone.  Please reach out with your questions; we will answer what we can.  But please remember we may not know the answer.

Remember to check on each other, virtually.  We are all in this together and working together will get us through this sooner.


In Solidarity,

CUPE 498 Executive

President Bob Smejkal 604-209-6375 604-834-1498
1st Vice President Les Nerdahl 604-927-5485 604-788-5429
2nd Vice President &

Chief Shop Steward

Ron Narayan 604-927-5492 604-842-4980
Treasurer Sheryl Savage 604-927-7901 604-420-1600
Secretary Tammy Graham 604-927-5309 604-817-9209
G.V.P. Roy Savage 604-927-5422 604-220-8127
G.V.P. James Bobick 604-833-2578
G.V.P Mark Grasby 604-927-5438 604-312-0719
Sergeant @ Arms Rick Williams 604-375-5847